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Engineering Explorations STEM Curricula

Innovative STEM Projects that promote effective engagement 

Includes student engineering portfolios,  posters, rubrics, teacher insights, PowerPoints, quick launch activities and much more!

Cheaper than the "Corporate" Curricula 

Designed and written by STEM teachers - Engineering Explorations STEM projects are organized into project-based units of instruction that can be easily differentiated for students ages 8-15.  Every unit of instruction contains real-world problem solving STEM projects that make learning fun.  Units also include bonus activities, PowerPoints, links to video clips, and much more.  All STEM projects or what we term "Missions" focus on what STEM should be about: designing and prototyping solutions for real-world problems.  Projects are introduced as real-world scenarios which will enhance student motivation by attaching relevance to their learning.   The innovative projects are introduced as STEM “missions” to strengthen the STEM relevance and make learning fun! All STEM missions include grading rubrics as well.   This curriculum can be utilized in the classroom, after-school club or camp setting with projects that students get to keep and take home!


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Foundations of STEM

Foundations of STEM  engages students in hands on problem solving based projects that provide students (ages 6-12) with foundational STEM concepts such as design (DECIDER design process), measurement, physics, engineering, prototyping, and technological innovation.  

Exciting real-world projects include:

  • Tallest Tower of Pong

  • Misson: Fantastic Futuristic Sneaker Design

  • Mission: Marble Madness Plunge

  • Mission: Reckless Robot Car

  • Mission: Sophisticated Solar Powered Fan

  • Mission: Wonderous Wind Turbines

  • Mission: Fearless Flight 

  • Mission: Wild Water Powered Rockets

Bonus resources include:

  • Edison and DECIDER Design Process Poster

  • Quick Launch Brushbots

  • Quick Launch Buoyant Boat

  • What is STEM Activity Sheet & PowerPoint

  • Introduction to Engineering

  • Inventions and Innovations Activity Sheet

  • Introduction to the DECIDER Design Process Activity & PPT

  • Design Lesson & Design Activity Sheets

  • Measurement Activity Sheets

  • Glue Gun Safety

  • Solar Power PowerPoint

  • Wind Turbine Aerodynamics PowerPoint

  • Physics of Flight PowerPoint

  • Rockets PowerPoint


Engineering Design 

Engineering Design follows the Foundational STEM Concepts curriculum because it engages students (ages 8 - 15) in more challenging hands-on problem solving based projects which build upon prior knowledge learned in the foundation course.  Content such as DECIDER design process, structures, energy, and roller coaster physics are taught through engaging project-based learning.  

Exciting real-world project include: 

  • Mission: Nervy Newspaper Chair

  • Mission: Crazy Catapults

  • Mission: Savvy Skyscrapers

  • Mission: Super Solar Cars 

  • Mission: Rocking Roller Coasters

  • Mission: Fascinating Flashlights

Bonus Resources include:

  • STEM Review Activity Sheet

  • DECIDER Design Process Activity Sheet & PPT

  • DECIDER Design Process Poster

  •  Design Review Activity Sheet

  •  Orthographic Design Review

  • Importance of Design Activity Sheet

  • Measurement Review Activity Sheet

  • Glue Gun Safety

  • Quick Launch Awesome Aquarium Stand

  • Savvy Skyscrapers Article

  • Forms of Energy Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Renewable Energy Activity Sheet and PPT

  • Non-Renewable Energy PPT

  • How Batteries Work Activity Sheet

  • Super Coasters Activity Sheet

  • Crossword Puzzle Review

3D Prototyping and Graphic Design 

3D Prototyping will have a tremendous impact on our future! Package that content with Graphic Design and you have a curriculum that prepares students to solve real-world problems and market their innovative designs. A curriculum that has the potential to create inventors and entrepreneurs.  3D printing models and vinyl designs are a fun and exciting applications to teach 3D design software such as Tinkercad and Inventor. (3D Printer and Vinyl Cutter machine required!!)

3D Printed projects include:

  • Mission: Kooky Keychains 

  • Mission: Captivating Coffee Cups 

  • Mission: Masterful Mobile Device Cases 

  • Mission: Fascinating Fidget Spinners 

  • Mission: Creative Creatures 

  • Mission: Cool Candy Bars

Graphic Design Projects include:

  • Lively Logos

  • Marvelous Magnets

  • Terrific T-Shirts

  • Distinctive Decals 

  • Tremendous T-Shirts

Bonus Resources include:

  • What is Design? PowerPoint

  • Orthographic Projection Activity Sheets

  • Intro to 3D Printing Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Intro to 3D CAD Software: Tinkercad Activity Sheet

  • Measurement Activity Sheets

  • Introduction to Graphic Design Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Vector vs. Raster Images Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Creating Vinyl Products Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Multi-Color Layer PowerPoint


Robotics: Fabrication and Programming 

Robotics and programming are certainly the future and the 21st century STEM student is better equipped to advance this technology than any other previous generations that preceded them.  They were born with cell phones, iPads, smart toys, and many other technologies that require coding and programming.  However, the 21st-century students lack the understanding of how to fabricate such technologies on a basic level.  Therefore, this course is designed to teach students basic electrical and electronic fundamentals along with hands-on activities where students must apply these fundamentals to fabricate working circuits.   These fabrication missions are organized before the programming missions where students learn to code using Arduino boards. 

Fabrication Projects Include: 

  • Mission: Dynamic DC Motors

  • Mission: Awesome Alarm Circuit

  • Mission: Tremendous Tracking Robot

  • Mission: Outstanding Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Programming Projects include: 

  • Mission: Lucent LED Circuit

  • Mission: Amazing Arduino Button

  • Mission: Premier Potentiometer

  • Mission: Perfect Photoresistor

  • Mission: Super 7 Segment LED Displays

  • Mission: Magical Melody

  • Mission: Superior Smart Home

Bonus Resources include:

  • Quick Launch Snap Circuits

  • Quick Launch Introduction to Soldering

  • Quick Launch: Hello Servo Program

  • Quick Launch Logical LED Circuit

  • Quick Launch Reverse Engineering a Toy Robot

  • Introduction to Electricity Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Electrical Safety Activity Sheet

  • Circuits Activity Sheet & PPT

  • Resistor Color Code

  • Electronic Components Activity Sheets & PPT

  • How to Solder

  • Soldering Safety Test

  • How Electromagnets Work Activity Sheet

  • Light Detectors PowerPoint

  • Breadboard Circuit Building

  • What is Code?

  • What is Arduino

  • The Parts of a Program


Get the entire Engineering Explorations package which includes ALL materials from Foundations of STEM, Engineering Design, 3D Prototyping and Graphic Design, and Robotics: Fabrication and Programming.  Over 500 pages of STEM Content, 3 Posters, 25 PowerPoints, and more! Great for camps, clubs, and classrooms!