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Our Staff

Camp Owner Ryan DelGuercio
Mr.DelGuercio has extensive experience in Technology Education with over 12 years teaching technology education, a strong background in technology and engineering curriculum development, and experience as a Supervisor of Technology and Engineering.  He holds New Jersey Technology Education, Supervisor, and Principal certifications.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, a Masters Degree in Technology Education, and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.  He has designed many innovative projects that challenge students to solve real world problems through design.  He is a the co-creator of the "DECIDER" design process and has 3 published articles "Skyscraper Savvy" (TIES Magazine, 2003) and "Back to the Basics of Classroom Management" (NJEA Review, 2010, Educational Digest, 2011) and "Introduction to the DECIDER Design Process" (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, 2016). 
Ryan DelGuercio


 Mrs. Celi is a Technology Teacher at West Orange High School in West Orange, NJ. She has been teaching Architectural & Engineering Design and Sustainable Technologies for the past 3 years. Mrs. Celi is a graduate from NJIT (Bachelor of Architecture) and TCNJ where she received her Master of Art in Teaching specializing in Technology Education. Mrs. Celi is an advocate for problem-solving through creative design. Her experience in architectural design, 3D printing and digital modeling, Mrs. Celi makes a great addition to the Engineering Explorations Program. 

Cindy Celi


Mr. Fatica is a 6th grade STEM Teacher. He has been a teacher for the past 4 years. Mr. Fatica is a graduate of Montclair State University in New Jersey, where he received his Bachelors in Biology and Education. He is also pursuing a Master's Degree at Caldwell University.  On his spare time, Mr. Fatica loves to cook, spend quality time outdoors, and play video games! 

William Fatica


 Mr. DeAngelis is a physical science teacher at West Orange High School.  He enters his 20th year of science education in New Jersey.   Mr. DeAngelis career has focused on student-centered creative design projects with a concentration in Engineering and STEM.  Having worked in industry and academics, he has brought a wide range of ideas and activities necessary for future students pursuing opportunities in science, technology and engineering.  His enthusiasm coupled with his experience will be a new addition to the Engineering Explorations Summer Program.  

Mike DeAngelis
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