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We're not the average

STEM camp!

Students keep all the

projects they build!

Laser Tag, Virtual Reality, RC Boats, Drones, Vintage Video Games, RC Cars and Helicopters, and More! 

Students participating in Engineering Explorations day camp will be exposed to various disciplines of engineering in a fun and exciting environment!  They will be taught STEM principles within innovative hands-on projects.  Students will document their learning in an "engineering portfolio" filled with activities and rigorous STEM content that they will complete throughout camp. They also keep ALL projects they fabricate!  These include a marble run, water-powered rockets, and solar-powered fan in the Foundations of STEM course. Solar-powered cars, model skyscrapers, and roller coasters in the Engineering Design course.  Students get to design their own T-shirt and sticker designs in the 3D Prototyping and Graphic Design course. In addition, they fabricate alarm circuits, robotic circuits, and learn Arduino programming in the Robotics: Fabrication and Programming course.  Students will get to enjoy the summer weather each day during their “technology recess” where they will get to fly quad-copter drones, drive RC cars, play vintage video games, and examine the latest technologies such as virtual reality.  We strive to build not only your child’s academic skills but their leadership skills as well through cooperative learning in a supportive environment.     

"My daughter loved this camp - she was excited to go every day, she enjoyed the instructors (Mr. Del.) and she learned something - what more can you ask for from a  camp"

--Madhavi S.--


"My son loved going to camp everyday and I loved that he was both having fun and learning about how things work."

--Kate R.--

"My son enjoyed the camp and always looked forward to the next day's activities. He was exposed to the basic principles of Physics and Engineering and loved building the roller coaster and rocket."

--Jon J.--

"Engineering Explorations was a great camp because it is easy to make friends. Even if you a lot about Engineering, you will still learn something new and have a great experience" --Michael, camper--

Engineering Explorations STEM Day 2021 Camp 

July 26th - August 13th

8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Ages 8 - 15


Located at West Orange High School

51 Conforti Avenue

West Orange, NJ 07052